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PEANUTS HOTEL conceptPEANUTS Comic Strip:©1962 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

The Snoopy hotel concept is taken from a scene in its original comic;
where Snoopy's bird friends fall asleep at his house as if it's their own.
is the slogan of this three story hotel,

each floor carrying its own theme: "IMAGINE", "HAPPY" and "LOVE".
There are 18 private rooms, each showcasing a different comic.

Experience the world Charles M. Schulz created in "PEANUTS" which explores friendship,
love and the philosophy of life, which is enjoyable for anyone at any age.
Beyond time and spanning generations, feel the origin of PEANUTS.
Connect and socialise with a variety of people to create your very own PEANUTS community.

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each floor carrying its own theme: "IMAGINE", "HAPPY" and "LOVE". There are 18 private rooms, each showcasing a different comic.
Price: from 30,000 Japanese yen ~ ( excluding 8% tax, including breakfast at PEANUTS DINER in the 3rd floor)
Payment method : online reservation with prepayment by credit card
following credit cards are accepted: VISA・MASTER・JCB・AMEX・DINERS

The world view of freedom of freedom that can be freely transformed, A story filled with Mr. Schulz 's philosophy of life which tells important things in life.
PEANUTS HOTEL Room41 concept art
PEANUTS Comic Strip:c1965 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

" It was a dark and stormy night. "

When the famous cartoon character, Snoopy, writes a story, he often begins with the sentence “It was a dark and stormy night…” as he punches the keys on his typewriter. Therefore concept of this room is Snoopy, as he’s beginning a story afresh.

The interior design is exactly like the room of a novelist should be; an antique interior with a charming corkboard showing artwork by Charles M. Shulz.

We hope this room creates a great ambience for a professional writer. Spend a relaxing time with the novelist Snoopy.

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PEANUTS HOTEL Room42 concept art
PEANUTS Comic Strip:c1969 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

" I did it! I'm the first beagle on the moon ! "

Snoopy became the first official NASA mascot in 1968. The following year the Apollo 10’s Lunar Model was named Snoopy. He is the unmistakably the “first beagle dog on the moon”.

Upon landing on the moon, Snoopy swells with pride, saying “I made it to the moon before Yuri Gagarin! That beats my arch enemy cat from next door!”

The room is based on the comic from that memorable moon landing scene, featuring interior design based on the concept of outer space, and Astronaut Snoopy can be found all around the room. Take a trip to the moon along with Astronaut Snoopy.

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PEANUTS HOTEL Room43 concept art
PEANUTS Comic Strip:c1971 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

" Here's JOE COOL impressing the chicks by crushing the empty can with one hand... "

Joe Cool is roaming the beach, trying to hit on girls whilst swigging a can of root beer.

This comic scene shows Snoopy hoping to impress some girls by crushing an empty can with just one hand. After failing, he gives up and throws the can away frustratingly.

The concept of this room is straight from California, a surfer's or skater's place and a hideaway of the nonchalant college student, Joe Cool.

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PEANUTS HOTEL Room44 concept art
PEANUTS Comic Strip:c1979 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

" Only the gravest of emergencies could force him to turn back from his mission "

To do battle with his arch nemesis, Red Baron, Snoopy is in control of his favorite airplane, Flying Ace.

Whilst he resolutely confirms that “only the gravest of emergencies could force him to turn back from his mission”, suddenly he hears dinner’s ready and immediately flips round.

This room hopes to capture the feeling of this amusing scene about Snoopy’s cute Flying Ace.

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PEANUTS HOTEL Room45 concept art
PEANUTS Comic Strip:c1960 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

" And They're right! "

Snoopy is thinking about the perception of dogs, that they just sleep, eat and have no responsibility. Finally, he jumps up in agreement feeling how lucky he is.

This room wishes to communicate a happy and easy-going Snoopy in a contented moment.

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PEANUTS HOTEL Room46 concept art
PEANUTS Comic Strip:c1961 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

" What I need is a change "

Snoopy is bored by his monotonous life and lying on his dog house all day in the same position.

After thinking it over, he realizes he needs a change. So what does he do, but simply flip round on his dog house and sleep in a different direction.

The room has an unfussy, stylish atmosphere. With a just glimpse you can immediately appreciate that bond between Snoopy and his dog house. You may feel that this room is a little bit different from others you've slept in previously.

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PEANUTS HOTEL Room47 concept art
PEANUTS Comic Strip:c1973 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

" I need plenty of rest in case tomorrow is a great day.. "

Lucy has come to notice how much sleep Snoopy seems to need, and she asks him why that’s the case. He explains to her that he needs his rest in the event that tomorrow, something spectacular might happen. Finally, Snoopy adds it’ll be probably be like every other day but if not, he’s ready!

Take a good rest with Snoopy in this dreamy and relaxing room. If you can’t fall asleep, how about counting the Snoopy plush toys, located throughout the room? We hope you have great dreams filled with Snoopy and his eccentricities.

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Sports, dancing, going on a trip. A fun episode that seems peanutlike, born from various situations.
PEANUTS HOTEL Room51 concept art
PEANUTS Comic Strip:c1971 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

" It's a mistake to try to avoid the unpleasant things in life.. "

Charlie Brown’s the designated pitcher in his baseball team, except he’s always losing. Nevertheless, he’s always hoping for the best and never gives up.

The combination of the vibrant yellow color and the zig-zag pattern give a strong impression in this room. It’s clear to see that it’s dedicated to Charlie Brown's unique personality and his passion for baseball. Never give up Charlie!

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PEANUTS HOTEL Room52 concept art
PEANUTS Comic Strip:c1965 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

" Cowabunga! "

In this strip, Snoopy is trying hard to impress a girl he likes on the beach. He picks up his surfboard and as he’s paddling out, his confidence builds in his technique. Suddenly he catches a huge wave and screams “Cowabunga!” Back on the shore, Charlie

Brown looks concerned as his dog has gone crazy.

This room has a flooring surface in the same style as a sandy beach. Rattan furniture and an old school surfboard pair well the atmosphere. We hope this room gives you the relaxing vibe of chilling at the beach with Snoopy

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PEANUTS HOTEL Room53 concept art
PEANUTS Comic Strip:c1981 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

" One of the great joys in life is dinner and good conversation... "

This room is inspired by the comic strip of Snoopy beginning his meal with Woodstock sat next to him.

After he considers that one of life’s great pleasures is deep conversation with another, Woodstock is tweeting loudly right next to his bowl. Snoopy muses that random sounds don’t count as conversation.

Various cutlery and even dog’s dishes are used in this room to express Snoopy’s favorite time of the day, suppertime.

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PEANUTS HOTEL Room54 concept art
PEANUTS Comic Strip:c1980 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

" When you go some place nice, you should always shine your feet! "

Snoopy is getting ready to go out. He puts on his hat, checks his face in his pocket mirror and then starts polishing his bare feet on a rock. Snoopy, who never wears shoes, thinks proudly that when he goes out he should always make sure his feet shine bright.

First taking off your shoes is an obligation in traditional Japanese rooms. This is the one and only room with a traditional Japanese flair in Peanuts Hotel. Not only tatami flooring and paper sliding doors decorate this room, but also unique art like Snoopy on a red Mount Fuji and a Snoopy hanging scroll. This is one of a kind room, where you can experience Japanese culture embedded within the PEANUTS world.

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PEANUTS HOTEL Room55 concept art
PEANUTS Comic Strip:c1983 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

" ..It musses up your hair! "

Snoopy muses that wearing a turtleneck while playing Golf is always a mistake. Because if it gets hot and you have to take it off, it ruins your hair. Some more words of wisdom from the ever fashionable Snoopy.

This room has a strong association with the theme of golf.

The retro furniture in combination with a deep blue carpet create a mid-century clubhouse atmosphere.

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PEANUTS HOTEL Room56 concept art
PEANUTS Comic Strip:c1980 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

" Because he made us! "

As the beagle scouts climb the mountain, Snoopy says if asked why he claimed the mountain he would reply “because it was there!”. To that Woodstock and his friends, who seem somewhat tired, say they would reply “because he made us!” This room is based on that comical exchange in the comic. It features California’s Yosemite National Park and a collage art of the adventurous beagle scouts along with climbing gear such as lanterns, hats, ropes to make it seem like a mountain cabin.

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PEANUTS HOTEL Room57 concept art
PEANUTS Comic Strip:c1987 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

" I'm going into town for awhile "

Spike, who lives in the desert tells his best friend Joe Cactus, “I’m going into town for a while”. As he walks and looks back, he smiles as he says “I can see him still waving.” The room is based on this cute comic, using cacti and hats, trunk cases that are inspired by a collage that Spike stops by during his journey. It’s a room that shows the endearing friendship between Spike and Joe Cactus.

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Love, family love, friendship. A warm story that feels "like" for each character.
PEANUTS HOTEL Room61 concept art
PEANUTS Comic Strip:c1961 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

Special Room 61
" It’s nice to have a home where your guests feel comfortable "

The Special room is based off the comic that is also the hotel’s concept comic, which features Snoopy and the birds. The monotonous interior is inspired by everyone’s favorite, Snoopy himself.It comes with a greenery filled terrace, which is the only one in the hotel.

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PEANUTS HOTEL Room62 concept art
PEANUTS Comic Strip:c1982 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

" I'll just stand here with my sweet babboo... "

While waiting in line at the movies Charlie Brown finds the red-haired girl he fancies. Sally urges him to go by saying “Go ahead and stand with her, don’t be so wishy- washy” in order to be together with Linus. "I'll just stand here with my sweet babboo..." she says happily. However Charlie Brown doesn’t go, and Linus exclaims, “I’m not your sweet babboo!” The room is based on this humorous comic.

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PEANUTS HOTEL Room63 concept art
PEANUTS Comic Strip:c1953 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

" You're the only friend I've got snoopy.."

" You're the only friend I've got Snoopy… you’re the only one who stays with me", says Charlie Brown to Snoopy. However, Snoopy refuses to tag along, forcing Charlie Brown to pull on his leash. The room is based on this funny comic, featuring round mid century furniture that is from the same time the comic was written in the 50s.

It’s a room full of warmth, which feels like it’s your childhood home.

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PEANUTS HOTEL Room64 concept art
PEANUTS Comic Strip:c1960 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

" Happiness is a warm puppy.. "

Lucy squirms when Snoopy kisses her, but she sure loves hugging him, because of his warmth. The room is inspired by this lovable comic, and uses millennial pink for the walls, chairs and even the fireplace. There’s also a big pink Snoopy that you can hug any time you want. Lucy’s iconic Lemonade stand stands next to a signboard that says, “1 cent for hugging a cute puppy”. It is a room filled with humor and warmth.

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In the 1st floor you will find PEANUTS Cafe and goods shop and PEANUTS Dinner restaurant in the 3rd floor as joint establishment!
(Due to the large crowd expected, the PEANUTS Diner restaurant will only be admitting guests who have made advance reservations online during August.)

  • 6F“LOVE" Specialroom & Room62~64
  • 5F“HAPPY" Room51~57
  • 4F“IMAGINE" Room41~47
    Open: 10:00 am /Close: 11:00 pm

    The "PEANUTS DINER" will be located on the 3rd floor restaurant space. The PEANUTS DINER will be featuring produce from Kobe with a unique story from PEANUTS behind each menu. It can be a place to have breakfast included in your stay or as a unique restaurant for non-hotel guests.
    ※Due to the large crowd expected, the PEANUTS Diner restaurant will only be admitting guests who have made advance reservations online during August. Reservations will be open from July 20th 13PM Japan time on the PEANUTS HOTEL website.

  • 1FPEANUTS HOTEL Reception

    Open: 11:00 am /Close: 11:00 pm (L.O.10:00 pm)

    PEANUTS Cafe, which is situated in the 3rd floor, is a joint establishment. Here you will find popular drinks from the shop in Tokyo, Nakameguro, and PEANUTS HOTEL original goods, which are available for purchase.
    ※This is a coffee shop without seats. It's exclusively for take-out.


1-22-26 Nakayamate-dori Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo,
650-0004 Japan
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We will be releasing more info about the PEANUTS HOTEL from July.


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